Art is when you say it is ... or is it what you say it is?

the expression
or application
of human creative skill
and imagination,
typically in a visual form
such as painting
or sculpture, producing
works to be appreciated
primarily for
their beauty or emotional
power :

1. The Treason of Pictures
Rene Magritte
2. The Reason of plumbing

an abstract idea; a general notion : structuralism is a difficult concept | the concept of justice
Freud's concept of the superego IDEA, notion, conception, abstraction; theory, hypothesis; belief, conviction, opinion; image, impression, picture.
conceptual art (also concept art)
art in which the idea presented by the artist is considered more important than the finished product, if there is one.
Kinetic anti-Conceptual Art (KA-CA)
post-skill 21st century derivative of post-archival movement away from "art for the $ake of
nothing better to do"; using the idea of 'no idea' or adopting the position of 'not having a
clue', and doing nothing, with a powerful sense of freedom from motivation.

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